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Welcome to Volume 2 Issue 9


Offered at a special price for readers and friends of Justice Denied magazine:
Caged Bird by Dave Racer.

Caged Bird by Dave Racer

Justice: Denied -- The Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted is devoted to helping people who have been wrongly convicted, according to the information they have given us.

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Feature Stories:

Urgent Angola 3 Action

Urgent! Innocent man needs your help. Please visit these links:

Michael Toney StoryConvicted by lies, Michael Toney tells his story with a plea for help to save him from being killed by the state of Texas.

The Jose Carmona Story

Richard Pruitt -- framed for Child Molestation?

The Hector Gonzalez Story In November 1995 Hector Gonzalez was at a New York Nightclub when gang members attacked and killed a man they thought had slighted them. Mr. Gonzalez helped two people hurt during the attack, and spots of their blood on his pants was characterized by prosecutors as coming from the victim. Wrongly prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for more than six years as a murderer, DNA tests of the blood proved Hector Gonzalez is a Good Samaritan and not a killer.

Anthony Faison, Wrongfully convicted of a cab driver's 1987 murder, Anthony Faison wrote 62,000 letters over 12 years in an effort to find someone who could find the truth that would set him and his friend, Charles Shepard, free.

The Douglas Turns Story

The Vinci P. Soddu Story

Cy Green Update

Feature Articles:

The Choctaw Three. On August 9, 2002, The Alabama Court of Appeals threw out Medell Banks Jrs.' conviction for killing a child that never existed. Medell is one of the Choctaw Three who confessed to the murder of a non- existent child after days of interrogation without being allowed access to a lawyer. The appeals court ruled, "a manifest injustice has occurred in this case." An Update on the Choctaw Three follows the article.

THE COURT OF LAST RESORT A Historical View of Justice Denied

Illinois Governor George Ryan Pardoned Four Innocent Men Condemned to Death On January 10, 2003, and the Next Day He Cleared Illinois' Death Row

Report of the JD Benefit Dance Concert

This month in SnapShots: U.S. Prison Population Up Again, A Wife Dead, a Cop-Husband Charged, DNA tests may prove yet another quarter century injustice in Illinois, and Changing times: Some legal professionals question the reliability of fingerprints.

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Directly from the desk of Clara Thomas Boggs Reasons and Excuses for an Unconscionably Late Issue

Interactive Features Don't forget to take our poll, sign our mailing list, or send us a suggestion in our virtual suggestion box.

Letters To The Editor.   Here is where you may send JD a letter for possible future publication.

Free at Last is about the relatively small group of people who finally achieved the goal of  freedom from the wrongs they suffered.

Profiles: Champions of the Innocent.  Anyone can be a champion for someone who was wrongly convicted. One law schoolteacher involved his students in freeing several wrongly convicted people.  A young boy, who was moved by the book Rubin "Hurricane" Carter wrote, set in motion the effort that resulted in Carter's freedom. Anyone at all is a candidate for CHAMPIONS ... even YOU.

Snapshots: The Wrongly Convicted in the News. The news in this spot is fresh for the day or week. Check here frequently to see what is happening.

About Heroes At The Bar. Justice Denied honors those men and women who distinguish themselves above others and who fulfill our collective ideal of what it means to be an advocate. These are people who have not sought the limelight, but just did what was right.

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