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Updates in this issue:

Cy Green Update

Cy Greene Update

Cy Green went before the parole board commissioner chairman on 7-23-02 and even though the judge who sentenced him wrote letters urging them to release Cy they still denied him parole. The parole commissioner specifically told Cy that no matter what the judge or whoever asked of them or says that he is innocent of the crimes of which he has been convicted, they don't care and said that he will die in prison. Here is a copy of the letter from Judge Pesce to the parole board:

To All members of the parole board:

I am writing this letter to recommend early parole release for Mr. Cy Greene, who is scheduled for an appearance before the board in April 2000. I rarely write such letters and could never have imagined doing so for an individual convicted of as serious an offense as homicide. The unique circumstances of Mr. Greene's conviction and incarceration, however, warrant this unusual step. In making this recommendation, of course, I do not have available his prison record and my comments are premised upon the assumption that his disciplinary record and prison activities have been acceptable.

I presided over Mr. Greene's trial. After his conviction I sentenced him to the minimum period allowed by law because I was concerned about the jury's verdict. As I stated when announcing my decision on a post-judgment motion in 1992, I thought the evidence was not as overwhelming as it appeared to the jury. I believed that the eyewitness identification was weak, particularly the description of the assailant as someone six feel tall; Mr. Greene is approximately 5'1" or so. However, I was unconvinced that the verdict should be set aside and the conviction was ultimately affirmed on appeal.

Many years have passed since Mr. Greene's incarceration and I have always remembered his case and my promise to him that I would support his request for release. I don't know if Mr. Green was wrongfully convicted, but I believe that is a possibility. Given that, I feel that early parole release is appropriate for Mr. Greene and I urge the board to look favorably upon his application."

There have been numerous letters to the parole board on Cy Greene's behalf:

Roger L. Green, Assemblyman 57th district, King County
James Brennan, legislature of the same district
Lewis D. Cohen, attorney at law
Joseph & Stalonas, attorney at law
Myron Beldock, attorney at law
Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted in Toronto, Ontario His family and friends.

Cy Greene has just received news that Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty will be an advocate for him to help get him released.

Cy Greene's mailing information:

Mr. Cy Greene #85A3874
Sing Sing correctional Facility
354 Hunter Street
Ossining, NY 10562

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Jeffrey Modahl's story was originally published in Volume 1 Issue 1. We are proud to announce he is now Free At Last.

The Darlie Routier update is archived in Volume 1 Issue 4. Sandra Halsey, trial court reporter, said, "No" when asked if there was an audio tape of the trial. Those audio tapes were later found after a search was conducted of her personal storage area. Halsey refuses to explain.

The Anthony Porter update is now archived in Volume 1 Issue 3.

Volume 1 Issue 1 contained the Ray and Shirley Souza update and the original Jeffrey Modahl update.

If you have any updates about any of our cases, contact Justice Denied.

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