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Elmer Ahart, Jr. was featured in Volume 2 Issue 5. Mr. Ahart sent JD a beautiful and eloquent letter. Please read it here.

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Our effort is unprecedented in its scope and unique in its vision and goal of becoming a force to unite many efforts in behalf of the wronged. In short, we seek constructive input only, for we do not intend to be distracted in our pursuit of True Justice. Your help is crucial, and we welcome it at every level. Thanks for writing to us, and tell all your friends about the unique Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted you have just seen!

If, however, you have information about any of the individuals profiled (whether supporting or disconfirming their claims), we want to hear from you.

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I received your letter and the download copy of my story from the internet on 5-23-01 and I wish first of all to thank you very much for everything that you have done for me.

I cannot begin to express what it all means to me. This whole situation has been such a drain on all that I am, all that I have, but it also has charged me up in so many other ways as well. Even though this situation is as tragic as they come it has the same effect as a forest fire. It will allow a new beginning for many things. It has given me an opportunity to grow and learn to focus with all my heart, soul, and being.

I feel deeply for the lost lives involved in this whole thing. It was not me who caused the wasting of those lives. And no matter what the world has been led to think and believe about me, I am not a murderer. It is extremely disturbing to know that the people who choose to sit in judgment over situations such as this don't even care about whether or not they condemn the wrong person. Anyone served up as a sacrifice who even remotely appears to fill the void of "who done it," for them is just fine.

When a person finds himself or herself in the position of the accused and there is no one showing any signs of concern as to whether or not you may very well be innocent, all hope can very easily fade from one's mind and cause that mind to also fade off into ... who knows where?

Mostly, well I have come to know that there is a higher power, one of mercy, and prayers are answered. And one day soon I know that it will be my turn to step up and pull someone else up from the depths of a living hell. I joyfully look forward to being able to speak of what faith can do for us all. I was never able to speak out in my own defense. Justice Denied has now given me that chance.

I now wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with Justice Denied Magazine. God Bless you all. I hope to some day be able to, in some way, become a helpful member of the work that you all are doing. It is very much needed. Because it truly is unbelievable, how unjust some legal systems in this day and time in the United States of America are acting out.


Elmer Ahart JR.
Thank you! Thank you very much!

Elmer Ahart

Dear Justice Denied Magazine:

I am one of the alternate jurors on the Jerry Jones case ten years ago. I agree with your article that the evidence is weak in the Jones Case. In fact, the news media contacted me on the jury's actions and attitudes after the trial.

Judge Wilson, who presided over the case, clearly told the jurors that they had the responsibility decide whether or not the evidence proved Jerry's guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

In fact, the jury in my opinion did not render a verdict beyond reasonable doubt. I was sitting in the jury pool room the day after the verdict was entered. Two of the women jurors approached me and asked if I thought Jerry was guilty. In fact, one of the male jurors said, "If we are wrong he can always appeal it." I was absolutely shocked by the attitude.

It became clear to me that these jurors were not confident of their verdict, and that they were coming to me to have me validate their decision. That afternoon I contacted Mark Mestel's office to tell him what these jurors had said to me. Mark Mestel also informed me that the Snohomish Sheriff did not interview the witnesses individually. They were all questioned together, which made it possible for them to collaborate their testimony.

I did not hear anything more until Last year, when I heard on a local Radio Station that Jerry's conviction had been overturned. I, with the help of a local Everett attorney (Monte Wolfe), was able to track down David Zuckerman, and tell him what the original jury said to me after the trial. I also told my story to the local television media that aired the Story here locally in the Seattle Area.

I am upset at the original jury's poor attitude regarding their responsibility as jurors. If had a chance, I would ask those jurors to do one thing. I would challenge them to look at this from a personal perspective. If they were accused of murder, and were innocent, would they want the fairest trial possible? Would not they also want the jury to consider the evidence in a responsible way? I sure would!

Clearly I think Jerry Jones did not receive a fair trial, and that the prosecuting attorney is trying to save face. I thought the system was supposed to be about Justice, and have nothing to do with a prosecuting attorneys pride!

Steve Burling, Alternate Juror Jerry Jones Case

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