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From the Justice Denied: Special Edition


Mr. James Anderson created the cover for our Special Edition of Justice: Denied, but somehow, giving him credit for it was overlooked. We apologize to Mr. Anderson for this grievous oversight, and thank him for his understanding in this matter. He has provided other art to us, and we are eager to make amends to him.

The Editor and Staff of Justice: Denied.

From Volume 2 Issue 3:

Burrell and Graham: DNA had nothing to do with it -- A correction. We are grateful to Mr. Trenticosta for setting the record straight. --The Staff at Justice: Denied.

From Nick Trenticosta, one of the attorneys for Albert Burrell:

I am one of Albert Burrell's lawyers and I just came across your web site. It's great. Thanks. CORRECTION: DNA had nothing to do with their release. Nothing. They were released when it was proven that the cops and the prosecutors engaged in gross misconduct, presented false evidence, lied, cheated and stole.

At the scene, blood was discovered on a doorjamb. Prior to trial, serological analysis showed the blood to come from one of the victims, not from Graham or Burrell, and the state never attempted to show that the blood was from any other source.

After Graham's reversal and while the government was contemplating retrial, the prosecutor had the blood DNA tested with the hope that it would give a DNA profile of the real killer. The test came back showing it was the victim's blood, as always believed. The prosecutor wanted desperately (for public opinion purposes) to be able to say that they had a DNA profile of the real killer, therefore no one would be able to question the wisdom of the prosecutor's dismissal of charges on G and B.

The media is hot to trot on the use of DNA science to exonerate and latched on to this information in order to make the story a simple one. The Baton Rouge Morning Advocate is soon to release a 3 part series on the case that will go deeply into the reasons these two guys were released and how the government manufactured the case for guilt.

Nick Trenticosta

©Justice: Denied

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