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Caged Bird
Author: Dave Racer
Published by Alethos Press LLC (www.alethospress.com) in 2000

Review by Clara A. Thomas Boggs

CAGED BIRD, a book by Dave Racer about a wrongful conviction with a life sentence for Lutheran Minister Tom Bird.

It took ten years before Mr. Racer took up his pen on behalf of Tom Bird, a Lutheran Minister who is in prison for two murders he didn't commit.

Caged Bird is, without a doubt, a fascinating book. Racer gives you dialogue, background, and a thorough understanding of the case. He presents the facts both from the investigators' and Bird's point of view. There is a sex-crazed secretary of the pastor, conspiracy to commit murder, perjured testimony and all the elements that make for a chilling read. There is also ample background on just about every aspect of the case and the people so that the reader can almost see the case unfold from beginning to end.

One caveat is that the book, as Dave Racer himself admits, has many typos about which the author is embarrassed. As you get caught up in the story, however, you'll be willing to overlook that, for the story is powerful.

We have joined with Mr. Racer in making this book available to JD readers for a fraction of the cost it would otherwise be. Just hit the link found on the contents page of JD for ordering your copy of Caged Bird.

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