Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (CUADP) Seeks Innocence Cases

As part of its work with Sam Reese Sheppard, CUADP created a web page specifically for prisoners who make claims of innocence at:

This list, already in progress, invites people to submit cases to add to its list.

CUADP and Sam Reese Sheppard are unable to join, adopt, raise money for, or otherwise advocate on behalf of any particular case. The object of compiling the cases is to be able to point the media to this list of names of prisoners, including very concise case descriptions.

Case information should be enough to pique the interest of investigative reporters. CUADP plans to challenge the media by essentially saying, "You people in the media have a responsibility to the public to expose wrongful convictions. Here's a list of potential cases that might be worth your attention. Contact the people listed -- maybe this is your Pulitzer Prize."

Although CUADP's focus is the death penalty, this effort is NOT limited to death penalty cases. CUADP is looking for the names of people who feel they have STRONG cases of actual innocence. Any case submitted to CUADP in the format shown below will be forwarded to their web designer and posted. There is no fee.

CUADP asks that you DO NOT send tons of information. If your submission does not fit the format shown here, they will not use it. If it's too long to read in a minute, they cannot look at it, nor will the media, and the point of collecting these cases is that the media see them.

If you have a case you think CUADP should list, please Use The Following Format to e-mail the information to ONLY send a text file in the body of your e-mail. Attachments will not be accepted.

Please use the form below for your submission. Copy it, then paste it into a new e-mail. Address it to Then, simply fill in the information. If you don't have an answer for an item, simply leave it blank.

Name of Prisoner:

Address to contact prisoner:

State of incarceration:

What happened? (in 100 words or less)

For examples, see

Name of Attorney:

Contact information:

Name of group working on case, if any:

Contact information:

Is there a web site about this case?

Contacts: (Abraham J. Bonowitz), People currently in prison should send their cases to:

CUADP Innocence Project
PMB 297
177 US Highway #1
Tequesta, FL 33469

Prisoners should especially note CUADP's requirements of only giving the basic information and case account in 100 words or less. Anything sent to CUADP becomes its property and cannot be mailed back to the sender.

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